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A sound project by a Japanese singer songwriter, Murabayashi. 
"FOUR LEAF SOUND" is named after a four-leaf-clover, which is a symbol of bringing blessings, hoped to bring good things into listeners' lives. 
FOUR LEAF SOUND(FLS) started out when she called her friend from college, Yuki Kanesaka (aka Monolog or U-Key) to record her original songs.  They completed the first album, "27" in 2007, the second album, "29" in 2009, and the third album, "32" in 2012.  Because Murabayashi wanted to capture the organicness of herself in those different life stages, including both matureness and immatureness, the titles of the albums are her ages at the time of the recording sessions. 
They call their style "poetry soul" which is a production of putting the poetry/words at the center. The words are always the core essense of FLS. And delivering those words effectively is always the main focus on FLS's productions.
They didn’t have any live performances until 2013 when they had their first shows in Osaka and Tokyo.  Because Murabayashi currently lives in Japan, and Yuki lives in Boston, Murabayashi performs FOUR LEAF SOUND as a solo act. 


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FOUR LEAF SOUND poetry soul_Let's Go Out
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FOUR LEAF SOUND poetry soul_Start Collecting
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