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NEW RELEASE on Jan 30th, 2019!!

"fourleaf MASHUP。"

Mashed old recording stems, and spiced up with new vocals.
Re-introducing songs from "27" "29" and "32" with new tastes.
Enjoy the re-born sound!

Song listings
01. Ameno Saki (“27”)
02. Aruku x Again (“27” x “29”)
03. Ashita (“32”)
04. Beautiful Soul (“29”)
05. It was You (“32”)
All songs written and mashed up by Murabayashi
Recorded stems by Yuki Kanesaka
All vocals and keys on track 01 and 04 added by Murabayashi
Pads on track 04, Bs on track 01 and 04 added by Yuki Kanesaka
Mixed and mastered by Atsushi Asada @ Studio TUNACROWD


FINALLY, the poetry book!
FOUR LEAF SOUND's very core essence.
The poetry of the moment.
The moment captured.




Very first poetry book from FOUR LEAF SOUND.
With photos and short poetries, you can peak the FLS's unique insight before being written as a music.
Words are all written in Japanese.
64 pages

peak a bit.


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